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I want to discover some of those secret dining clubs in london...

I watched one of Jamie Oliver's programs which featured secret dining clubs and I was hoping, does it happen in london ? I would love to join one , apply to one , maybe I should even start my own! Any ideas for me guys??'

2 secrets in 9 posts   Latest Jun 04, 2012   Started by Andy

Where can you buy good posters?

0 secrets in 0 posts   Latest May 18, 2012   Started by Joel C

Where can I find amazing graffiti in London?

Hiya guys a friend and I are planning to cycle around London looking for graffiti. Any recommendations on where I can find them? Thanks!

0 secrets in 7 posts   Latest May 05, 2012   Started by Omar B

Kick ass London iphone app

The Museum of London has a kick ass iPhone app, search "Street Museum" on your iPhone or go here > Using your location, it places pins (a la google maps) everywhere, selecting them shows archive photos from that location, really interesting use of data and much more interesting than ...

0 secrets in 2 posts   Latest Aug 04, 2011   Started by Chris K

Where's the best place to find a good afternoon tea?

I'd like to indulge myself - live in South London and have friends to take out. I'm a creative kinda person too Does anyone know of something special? Thanks in advance x

0 secrets in 0 posts   Latest Jul 28, 2011   Started by Suzanne O

Places to make new friends and listen to good alternative music?

Hi, I'm new to London, and I don't really know anyone here. So I as wondering where would be good to go and make friends with people who are inclined to listen to the more alternative/rock/punk/hardcore/indie types of music? I've got the balls to go out on my own and ...

1 secret in 2 posts   Latest Jul 28, 2011   Started by Liam M

Male Escort & Masseur for Females - AVAILABLE TONIGHT!!

Good looking, very well-endowed Male Escort & Masseur for Females. Central London based. All services offered and satisfaction guaranteed! Discreet & Confidential. For more info visit or call/text 07427 732 785. Tyrone.x

0 secrets in 1 posts   Latest Jul 27, 2011   Started by Tyrone W

Does anyone know about any available flats for rent? small reasonably priced flats to rent in central London?

I'm coming to London on the 1st of August and i'm looking for a small reasonably priced flat to rent during my stay which is about a week, if you guys could help me out i'd highly appreciate :) thanks x

0 secrets in 1 posts   Latest Jul 24, 2011   Started by Malak M

Where can I take my sister for a stylish but not so expensive drink in London?

Its to celebrate her forthcoming wedding.

0 secrets in 4 posts   Latest Jul 16, 2011   Started by Maria F

Is Donnie Darko showing anywhere?

I'd really like to see Donnie Darko again, but in a cinema - anyone know if it's showing anywhere in London anytime soon? Thanks.

0 secrets in 1 posts   Latest Jul 16, 2011   Started by Holly B